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Leadership / Words of Chairman

Leadership/Words of Chairman
Vision of Golden India start with understanding role and contribution of every person in building nation. Everyone finds it easy to criticize others but a well-developed society consists of dedicated people who respect and appreciate others. Swarna Bharat Parivaar is not an organisation doing charity for fame. We want to make reforms in society for bright future. Our goal is to help others so that they can further help others and together we construct a powerful nation. Till now SBP has reached all over India and abroad with its moral values strengthening the idea of SEVANITI.
“An individual can bring the idea of change, but to bring
Swarna Bharat Parivaar is that community with the idea of bringing change in our society and making India Golden again. We with our projects and sustainable development goals trying to reforming mankind, making it modern yet environment friendly. “Our culture is the closest thing to salvation”. SBP is trying to maintain Indian culture, its diversity and moral values.
“There are no office hours for leaders”
SBP and its team work 24/7 for welfare of society. We have our team consisting of great inspiring personalities, researchers, developers, volunteers and ambassadors. We have several projects and goals but our focal Aim is Sevaniti and Golden India.
Some of our projects are:
» E-Village (India’s First Metro Village)
» Gau Gram (Protect Cows : Protect Civilization : protect Culture)
» Youth Development (Morden Development with Moral Values)
» Nabami Gange (Clean & Sanitized Water)
» AnnaData (Respect & Security to Our Farmers)
» NextGen Awards (Motivating & Honouring Sevaniti)
» Miles Ahead (A School for Special Students)
» International Internship University (Educating Generations Practically)
» Sports, Art & Culture (Encouraging the talents)

A chance to live a life which ensures equality and helps in shaping the society to see, talk, understand and believe in changing and choosing a path to ensuring that every individual has an equal prospect that helps in creating / bring growth, development, improvement, positive change or the addition of physical, economic, environmental, social and demographic components.

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