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Social workers play important roles in their communities, particularly when they turn their energies to philanthropy and innovation. Although job creation is one of the most important contributions they make to society, it’s certainly not the only one.Entrepreneurs contribute to their communities with their charitable contributions. In some cases, entrepreneurs start businesses that focus equally on profit and charitable goals. Because entrepreneurs are often experts at finding resources and funding and marketing their products, they can provide invaluable advice to nonprofit organizations.

Support for the Economy:-

Humanitarian not only create jobs in their own companies but also contribute to improving their local economies. The existence of a new company can encourage others to open businesses in the same area, which in turn spurs new job creation.

Help Wanted:-

Entrepreneurs not only create jobs but act as a helping hands for other people in their communities. Although new business owners might start their businesses with only one or two employees, those numbers increase as the company grows. The cumulative effect of multiple small business start-ups creates a significant impact when it comes to job creation.



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