SBP provides a platform which helps corporates and individuals to plant trees. We are dedicated to the sustainable development of the planet by planting trees which promotes biodiversity, supports rural livelihood, empower the rural communities and make schools cleaner and greener.

Trees produces oxygen that is life line of all living beings. In the hot summer we usually plan trips in the hilly areas. But if the rate of cutting Trees remains same then we don’t have enough Trees to plan a trip, seasonal raining and amount of fresh oxygen will no longer be available. Trees help to clean the air, soil and water, making the earth a beautiful livable place. Living close to trees makes us healthier and happier. It’s time to SAVE Trees, protect forests and spread awareness. If you want to save trees, you can help by protecting those that grow around your home, and planting more Trees. Reduce the use of paper products, too. According to our little understanding we have found few ways to protect Trees, you can also follow them ,motivate your friends and family members to join hands together to save our beautiful earth or you can join an organization working to save Tress around your home town.

Every tree planted represents greater biodiversity, improved habitat, healthier soils, cleaner water, nutritious foods, and communities equipped to own their future.

Our approach to reforestation involves more than just protecting forests and planting trees. We have created successful community-led reforestation projects in various states of India.

Our reforestation programs focus on establishing and maintaining tree nurseries, educating communities about the positive environmental impacts of reforestation, and strengthening economic development, both through conservation and the responsible management of forest resources. We work with existing local groups, schools, and communities in extremely low-income rural and peri-urban areas to provide guidance on how to plant, graft, and maintain their trees.

Healthy forests build healthy soils and healthy ecosystems. Today we are losing forests at a faster rate than we are replacing them - but you can help to reverse this trend.