Anti Reservation Movement

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Caste is being used as a means to classify people. The classification is being made to extend certain benefits - in educational institutions, in public services and also to become members and the representatives of the people. Thus, caste is being used for extending all such benefits which leads to emphasizing caste which the Constitution makers sought to avoid. The classification for extension of benefits should be on a secular i.e. "non-discriminatory, non-communal and non-caste" basis and any person who satisfy such secular conditions of classification should be eligible for such benefits. The assumption of the backwardness limited to certain castes is wholly fallacious and should not be allowed to continue

The basis of the policy therefore has to be carefully selected since the focal point of the policy becomes rigid with the passage of time and vested interests resist its change. The criterion for a policy should and must always reward growth and development and should not be an incentive to remain illiterate and backward. If individuals or groups get reward for being and becoming separate, they would continue to be separate and become more and more fragmented. This would defeat the very objective of one tie, one allegiance, devotion, loyalty, fidelity, to the Sovereign Democratic Republic, that is, INDIA.